Olu Verheijen is a seasoned professional with nearly two decades of experience in gas and renewable energy across Sub-Saharan Africa. Currently serving as Special Adviser on Energy to President Tinubu, she has built a reputation for her strategic insights and leadership in optimizing the value of energy assets.

Prior to her current role, Verheijen distinguished herself as the managing director at Latimer Energy, a renowned consultancy specializing in energy asset optimization. Her tenure at Latimer Energy showcased her strategic vision and leadership, guiding clients through various stages of asset acquisition, development, and management, thereby contributing significantly to the growth and sustainability of the energy sector.

Verheijen’s career also includes serving as a Partner at Persistent, where she drove investments in distributed renewables companies across Africa, highlighting her commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions. Additionally, her experience as a Deal Lead at Shell showcased her expertise in gas commercialization and her proficiency in facilitating mergers and acquisitions, crucial for fostering growth and innovation in the energy sector.

Beyond her corporate roles, Verheijen’s international experience at Moody’s Investors Service in New York provided her with a global perspective and analytical acumen, enriching her understanding of energy sector dynamics and investment strategies. Her diverse background and unwavering dedication to advancing energy access and sustainability make her a valuable asset to President Tinubu’s administration and a catalyst for positive change in Nigeria’s energy landscape.