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StateCraft Inc. is a full service governance consulting firm with expertise in elections, citizen engagement, policy development and implementation, and strategic government relations and communications.



We create moments and movements that inspire deep connections with real causes in order to enhance the standing of our individual and institutional clients in the eyes of citizens who are progressively demanding higher standards.

By amplifying the detail through strategic media and platform management, we always establish indelible digital and traditional footprints for our clients using compelling content across channels

Our Services


We are finely attuned to popular aspirations across African nations, and our experience in winning national and local elections is unrivaled.

We connect and align the peculiar desires of any people with the visions of perceptive candidacies.


We bring rare expertise to the development and implementation of policies while securing passionate buy-in, goodwill, ownership, and sustainability for the policy throughout its life cycle from design to outcome.


We help sustain crucial goodwill throughout the lifespan of governments to enable leaders and public office holders respond effectively to citizen demand, align with expectations and build a framework of trust, understanding, and involvement.


We understand that systems can be maximised to influence and modify behaviours so we translate ‘noise’ into ‘voice’ and then, ‘action’, giving movements the framework and platform to evolve from pressure groups to effective actors that achieve impactful outcomes.


We are exceedingly established in monitoring systems and practices to detect early warning signals of risk exposure while providing quick strategies and executing speedy actions to minimise damage, and where necessary, ensure quick recovery.


We are always innovative with the use of data to create the right messaging and strategy that gets your message across to the desired audience.


We are always innovative with the use of data to create the right messaging and strategy that gets your message across to the desired audience.


We monitor, review and analyse the public’s perception of our individual clients in order to enhance their standing in the eyes of an ever-evolving citizenry.

Case Studies

  • With an exceptional record of winning uphill elections across the African continent, StateCraft Inc. combines a global outlook with data-backed local insights to achieve compelling results on behalf of each client.

  • StateCraft Inc. effectively harnessed the power of social media to promote their candidate.

  • The Africa-focused governance communication firm consulted with the presidential campaign on communication, developing and executing strategy that delivered content that cut across social media, television and print.

  • Indeed, this is not just another media company. Its uniqueness lies not in its combined content-communication-development model, but also in its lofty ambitions of large-scale social change- using the media to galvanise young Africans to take political and economic action.

  • StateCraft helped give Mr Buhari a more youthful look during his 2015 presidential campaign.

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