Lola Ade-John stands as a beacon of accomplishment and excellence within the Nigerian professional landscape, revered for her exceptional expertise in technology and banking, and currently holding the esteemed position of Minister of Tourism with distinction. Her academic foundation, marked by a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science from the prestigious University of Ibadan, laid the groundwork for a remarkable journey characterized by significant contributions across diverse sectors.

Embarking on her illustrious career as a systems analyst at Shell Petroleum, Lola swiftly ascended through the ranks, showcasing her exemplary talents and garnering recognition for her outstanding performance. Her trajectory led her to hold esteemed positions at renowned institutions such as Magnum Trust Bank, Access Bank, United Bank for Africa, and Ecobank, where her leadership and innovation left an indelible mark.

In 2013, Lola Ade-John ventured into entrepreneurship, founding Novateur Business Technology Consultants, a testament to her entrepreneurial acumen and commitment to driving innovation in the business landscape. Her visionary leadership and strategic foresight propelled Novateur to success, solidifying her reputation as a trailblazer in technology-driven solutions.

Recognizing her exceptional capabilities and dedication to national development, President Bola Tinubu appointed Lola Ade-John on 16 August 2023, to serve as the Minister of Tourism. This appointment stands as a testament to her leadership prowess and unwavering commitment to advancing Nigeria’s tourism sector, fostering economic growth, and promoting cultural exchange on a global scale.

In her capacity as Minister of Tourism, Lola Ade-John continues to inspire and uplift communities, leveraging her wealth of experience and visionary leadership to spearhead initiatives that propel Nigeria towards progress and prosperity. Her relentless pursuit of excellence and dedication to national development position her as a transformative figure, leaving an indelible mark on Nigeria’s journey towards socio-economic advancement.