Chizoba Wigwe is far more than Herbert Wigwe’s partner; she has carved her own path from legal practice to thriving entrepreneurship, establishing herself as a formidable force in the business world. Initially, she served as a legal advisor specializing in corporate law, commercial litigation, and arbitration, demonstrating her expertise and versatility in the legal field. However, she later ventured into entrepreneurship, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and ambition.

In 2016, Chizoba founded Craneburg Construction, a pioneering construction company headquartered in Ikoyi, Lagos. Her decision to transition into entrepreneurship marked a significant milestone in her career, reflecting her determination to pursue new opportunities and make a mark in the business landscape.

Prior to establishing Craneburg Construction, Chizoba contributed her legal expertise to Access Bank’s legal board, where she played a pivotal role in shaping the bank’s legal strategy and operations. Additionally, she pursued a Master’s degree in International Law from the University of London, further enhancing her knowledge and skills in her field.

Renowned for her innovative and business-savvy approach, Chizoba’s leadership has propelled Craneburg Construction to become one of the foremost construction companies in Nigeria. Under her guidance, the company has successfully completed numerous large-scale projects nationwide, earning a reputation for excellence and reliability in the industry.

Chizoba’s journey epitomizes resilience, determination, and the ability to excel in diverse fields. Her remarkable success in entrepreneurship serves as an inspiration to aspiring business leaders, leaving a lasting impact on Nigeria’s construction industry and beyond.