Hajia Bola Muinat Shagaya MON, born on October 10, 1959, stands as a distinguished Nigerian entrepreneur and fashion icon, renowned as one of Africa’s most successful businesswomen. As the visionary founder and CEO of Bolmus Group International, she has led the conglomerate to remarkable success across diverse sectors, including real estate, oil and gas, banking, and photography.

Shagaya’s academic journey commenced at Queens School in Ilorin, followed by tertiary studies at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and Armstrong College in California, where she pursued studies in economics and accountancy, laying the groundwork for her entrepreneurial pursuits.

Beginning her career in the audit department of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Shagaya’s entrepreneurial spirit propelled her to venture into commercial endeavors in 1983. She notably pioneered the introduction of the renowned Konica brand to Nigerian and West African markets in the photographic materials sector, demonstrating her innovative approach and business acumen.

Shagaya’s leadership extends to Practoil Limited, where she serves as managing director, overseeing the company’s pivotal role as a top importer and distributor of base oil in Nigeria, thereby supporting local lubricant blending plants and contributing to the country’s industrial growth.

Her extensive investments in real estate, spanning major Nigerian cities, have not only provided employment opportunities for hundreds but also underscore her commitment to economic development and empowerment.

Beyond her corporate pursuits, Shagaya’s dedication to societal impact is evident through her longstanding service on the board of Unity Bank Plc and active involvement in the Nepad Business Group – Nigeria. Additionally, her patronage of the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN) reflects her support for local talent and creativity, further solidifying her status as a pillar of the Nigerian business community and a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs across the continent.