Mosunmola Abudu, better known as Mo Abudu, is a driving force behind Nigeria’s dynamic media and entertainment landscape. Her journey from humble beginnings in Hammersmith, West London, to becoming a pioneering figure in African media exemplifies resilience, vision, and unwavering dedication.

Abudu faced adversity early in life with the loss of her father, but with the support of her family, she forged ahead, eventually making her mark in human resources before transitioning into the realm of media and entertainment.

In 2000, Abudu laid the groundwork for her future endeavors by establishing Vic Lawrence & Associates (VLA), recognizing Nigeria’s untapped talent pool. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to conceive and develop the groundbreaking Protea Hotel, Oakwood Park, showcasing her innovative approach to business and hospitality.

The turning point came in 2006 with the launch of EbonyLife TV, Africa’s first global black entertainment and lifestyle network. Abudu’s vision to reshape the narrative about Africa resonated through diverse programming, captivating audiences across the continent and beyond.

Under Abudu’s stewardship, EbonyLife TV forged strategic alliances with industry giants like Sony Pictures Television, AMC Networks, and Netflix, propelling African storytelling onto the global stage.

Abudu’s venture into filmmaking with EbonyLife Films produced blockbuster hits such as “Fifty,” “The Wedding Party,” “Chief Daddy,” and “Elesin Oba,” showcasing the richness and diversity of African cinema and earning international acclaim.

Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Abudu is a respected speaker and advocate for African creativity and innovation, garnering numerous accolades, including honorary doctorates and prestigious appointments.

As CEO of EbonyLife Media, Abudu oversees a diverse portfolio of ventures, including EbonyLife TV, EbonyLife Films, EbonyLife Studios, and EbonyLife Productions Limited (UK). The support of institutions like the Bank of Industry has been instrumental in the development of projects like EbonyLife Place, a testament to Abudu’s commitment to luxury entertainment and cultural enrichment in Nigeria.

Abudu’s journey serves as an inspiration to entrepreneurs and creatives alike, earning her titles such as “Africa’s Most Successful Woman” by Forbes and “Africa’s Queen of Media” by CNN. Her visionary leadership continues to shape the future of African media and entertainment, leaving an enduring legacy for generations to come.