Morounke Olufemi serves as the Group Chief Financial Officer of Access Holdings Plc, where she demonstrates unparalleled leadership in overseeing diverse subsidiaries across Africa, Europe, and Asia. With a remarkable tenure spanning over 22 years, she is lauded for her strategic prowess and financial acumen, guiding large cross-functional teams across the UK, India, and West Africa to consistent success. Noteworthy is her pivotal role in establishing significant investment vehicles during her tenure at Old Mutual West Africa, showcasing her profound impact on the financial landscape.

Possessing a BSc in Economics and an MBA in Finance, coupled with esteemed professional certifications in leadership, Olufemi embodies the epitome of expertise and dedication in her field. Beyond her corporate achievements, she remains devoted to nurturing young talent through mentorship and actively contributes to industry advancement through conference engagements.

Olufemi’s unwavering commitment to excellence, empathy, and ethical conduct sets a commendable standard in the finance sector, inspiring admiration and respect among peers and aspiring professionals alike. Her leadership and contributions continue to shape the financial landscape, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.