Hannatu Musa Musawa has crafted an illustrious and multifaceted career spanning various industries, grounded in law, where she has excelled as legal counsel in diverse private enterprises, providing astute guidance and representation across a spectrum of legal matters. Her adeptness extends to specialized domains such as marine affairs and oil & gas law, where her expertise shines through.

In 2023, Musa’s exceptional talents were recognized by President Bola Tinubu, who appointed her Minister of Art, Culture and Creative Economy. In her current capacity, she spearheads the advancement of Nigeria’s creative sector, while also stewarding the preservation and celebration of the nation’s rich cultural heritage.

Musa’s academic journey is equally impressive, marked by an undergraduate law degree from the esteemed University of Buckingham, UK. She furthered her scholarly pursuits with two distinguished postgraduate Master’s degrees, specializing in Marine Affairs from the University of Cardiff, Wales, and Oil & Gas from the University of Aberdeen.

Beyond her professional achievements, Musa’s unwavering commitment to Nigerian political affairs is commendable. As both a candidate and an activist, she has actively championed the interests of her constituency and the broader public, exemplifying her dedication to serving her nation.

Hannatu Musa Musawa’s diverse talents, deep expertise, and unwavering commitment to Nigeria’s cultural and political landscape make her a formidable force in both the legal and political spheres, poised to drive positive change and advancement for the nation.