Prof. Folasade Tolulope Ogunsola OON, born in 1958, is an esteemed Nigerian professor celebrated for her groundbreaking contributions in the field of medical microbiology. Currently serving as the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lagos, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership and expertise in disease control, with a notable focus on HIV/AIDS research, earning her widespread recognition and respect within the academic and medical communities.

Ogunsola’s illustrious career is marked by pioneering roles, including her tenure as Provost at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, where she made history as the first woman to hold such a prestigious position. Her visionary leadership and commitment to excellence have propelled her to the forefront of medical research and education in Nigeria.

Amidst challenging times in 2020, Ogunsola exhibited remarkable resilience and leadership as she briefly assumed the role of Acting Vice-Chancellor during a crisis at the University of Lagos. Her steadfast dedication to advancing viral disease regulation and management is evident through her leadership in research initiatives at the AIDS Prevention Initiative in Nigeria (APIN) and her significant contributions as the Chair of the Infection Control Committee at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Ogunsola remains deeply committed to advocating for disease prevention and control in Nigeria, emphasizing the importance of sustained Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) infrastructure and innovative approaches to address societal challenges such as unemployment. Her unwavering dedication to public health underscores her role as a compassionate leader and advocate for the well-being of all Nigerians.

As a founding member of the Nigerian Society for Infection Control and a key member of the Global Infection Prevention and Control Network, Ogunsola continues to make invaluable contributions to the field, leveraging her expertise to shape policies and initiatives that enhance healthcare delivery and improve outcomes for patients. Her numerous accolades, including being honored as an Officer of the Order of the Niger, attest to her outstanding service and dedication to her country, solidifying her legacy as a trailblazer in Nigerian academia and public health.